The factory is strategically located on the 11 Kilometer of Lahore Raiwind Road and spread over an area of 06 acres. It is approachable from the Lahore-Raiwend Road as well as from the main city of Lahore, being less than half hour drive. The place is known as Bobhatian Chowk of Defence Road an industrial site which has seen the growth of industries over the past decades stretching up and next Sunder Industrial Estate Apparently, Raiwend Road and its neighboring vicinities have both gained tremendous importance and become a hub of commercial, economic and educational activities.

With a rich and illustrious history, Faiz Chemical Industries (Pvt) Ltd., is the large seller of Butyl Acetate in Pakistan. With a growing interest for Faiz Chemical Industries products in the local market, the organization has made the necessary arrangements (and will continue to do so in the future) to cater for the growing demand.

Our Ambitions

To be the first choice of Customers, employees and the vendor and be a respected member of corporate society.



At Faiz Chemical our mission is “To deliver innovative chemical solutions that empower industries and drive sustainable progress worldwide. We are dedicated to leveraging our expertise, technology, and resources to develop and produce high-quality chemicals that meet the evolving needs of our customers while prioritizing safety, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility in everything we do."

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